All my life, I would either want to be like "this girl' or "that girl" cos i liked her style or the way she talks. I lived in that stupid fantasy until i was 19, i dropped the tomboy-me (at least over 60%) stopped hanging out with boys and decided to move closer to more girls. It was the most difficult time of my life, great God girls are crazy! They pretend too much, they are nasty, they hate, they are rude, dirty and so unpredictable. You must be saying in your head "but she's a girl?" oh yes i am, i'm not gonna deny that fact at all, i would never have my sex changed, i don't ever want to be a man.
   Like i was telling you, I realized from my teen years, the difference between being a male and a female. Rational and emotional. I have managed to master both and as tough as i seem i break down at the slightest touch. Something happened recently in my faculty, it's been happening for a while anyway but if i say it didn't get to me then I would be the greatest liar on earth. Some group of girls decided to label me "an enemy". That's the craziest thing! Jesus why hate someone you don't even talk to, you are young, you should be productive. I walked by and they started laughing, it is the most insane thing i have ever experienced in the university for crying out loud. I rushed to the toilet, checked my makeup, checked my back if i was stained, checked my shoes and found nothing wrong. I went back to the corridor, stood in front of them looked straight in their eyes and realized immediately there was a fierce competition of "intimidation", but why i asked myself...good lord why?

I'm not going to describe any of them, i've taught myself never to hate, I'm only bothered for the sake of other girls. You don't dress better than them, you don't even score up to half of their grades, your parents aren't even known in the society yet you come acting all "top-class" with weaves and phones, i wanna ask "who the hell do you think you are fooling?" I opened this blog just because i noticed this silly attitude amongst some set of girls and ever since i did I have been amazed at the number of girls that send me mails, complaining about "this girl" or "that girl", how this girl makes her feel so depressed and how that girl borrows her stuffs, poses with them and never return them.
    It's been sad than hilarious, I wish i could laugh to these mails but i cannot, Why are you so selfish and so materialistic? Why don't you want to work and think for yourself? Why do you hate another girl? ...I have so many questions i think this should be a PART 1.
                            I'M TOO ANGRY TO CONTINUE GUYS....I'M SO SORRY :(

Well according to my research on ''sextitude'', i think i can say something about how men react before during and after sex, a little bit fron experience. Hey stop! i'm not that type of girl (lol) i mean I've interviewed women and googled about it too. I hope this helps you understand a little more about men and their attitude toward sex 
 Research on women and perception proves that women are nearly a hundred percent sure when it comes to discerning how guys think and act but they can still be somewhat clueless about certain things.  women kind of have an idea about those things,  in fact they know but they always leave it in the subconscious and act like it’s not true or happening (they pray it never happens, even when they know it’s inevitable).  Lets’ me go straight to the point.

A man thinks about sex more often than even he realizes. If he is forced to confront or admit this, he will become incommunicative and will tend to shut down. The truth is you probably are not the only one on his list because according to facts: you must know that

Sex is food to him, It’s almost more important to him than sleep!  He fights you, treats you to lovely things and gets you the world just to have sex with you.  

Men think about having sex with every (well almost) woman they meet, When a man meets a woman, he begins to fantasize about different things, the more attractive she is the longer and more vivid the fantasy, it’s in his nature when he can’t help but think about what sex with her would look like, it happens all the time from meeting your girlfriend to meeting your cousin. These thoughts are kept in the secret because he does not take them serious and should never admit to them (except he’s a psychopath).  They all look at attractive women. They all fantasize about having sex with other women. Even the "nice guys" do this. Once you understand that their doing so isn't a threat to your relationship, you will be much happier.

… Sex is a job that men enjoy and strive to succeed at, While you wondering if he’s going to stay or if he’s truthful, he’s probably thinking about a next time (if you please him or if he’s a silly perv) or how to get it over with (if he doesn't like you or if his ego overrides his need!) sex to every man is a serious business, to some it means satisfying themselves but you might be with the lucky ones that see it as their duty to please you too. While men enjoy sex, they also consider it their duty to please a woman, and if they don't succeed in doing so they consider it an unsuccessful encounter.

Immediately after sex, a physiological reaction cause men to become emotionally detached from their partner; they get tired, fall asleep, and don't want to cuddle. It’s a simple thing never to be taken personal.  It's just a chemical reaction and is unrelated to his attraction to you.

 Remember That It's OK to Say No to Sex

Does he ignore you on purpose? Do you always find him at the same location you are in? I think he likes you! But what if he falls out of liking you? What if after the whole transition from like to love falls out? Do you suddenly think he’s weirder than he was in the ‘liking ’start? It’s not so hard to notice guys and their different alter egos; if you don’t know then you need to buckle up girl, guys act in a 100 different ways around the girls they like, but when he loves you no more, he;      
Talk to you casually...
The way he talks to other people is the same way he talks to and treats you. He does not even treat you like his girl anymore, he calls you by the same pet name he calls his neighbors daughter, he becomes too busy to call, too occupied to reply text messages, too fagged to realize it’s your anniversary (oh cos he’s got a lot on his mind).  This is plain enough. If he has interest in talking to you, it’s pretty much a given, he’s not Interested.

        Finds it hard to show emotions.

          But he was free with emotions when you started, he tells you when he can't t sleep, how your texts lifts up his spirit, even when he sees  kim kard he lets you know she’s curvy but your straight shape means the world to him. (Why the sudden lockup man?) it gets worse when he shows no remorse for wrong things, when its hard to apologize, when you got to make the calls now cos business isn’t going fine for him, if you cry blood and all you get it a pat on your back? Girl, pul_ease>>>move on!

Avoids you and picks on you.

          He suddenly ignores you, hates the things you do, he doesn’t show this immediately anyway but eventually it comes out! He first starts to avoid eye contact with you, you begin to do everything wrong in his judgments, he constantly nags and blames you (even for his loss of appetite…hahaha). From avoiding your eyes he finds his courage, he totally disrespects and lets you down in front of everyone, he looks coolly into your soul with a deep penetrating gaze and says things unimaginable to you, he makes you realize just how he’s been managing with you, how much you deserve him. How lucky you are to have him in your life (oh so heartless!)
i advice you sister, 
 stop trying to get him to give you answers!

            I’m not a kill your joy (I would never do that) i'm glad when i see everyone around me happy, but when you are at the receiving end of love gone sour, I advice you bail out cos really sometimes its not worth trying or dying for, he’s a jerk . Do not get blinded, I repeat don't let your emotions blind you, its clear enough to see you don’t rock his world anymore. There’s a lot to do with your life and time, boundaries to break, challenges to conquer stop crying over spilled milk, it’s not working don't push too hard, get out and get your life working!   



You need this ladies!

  •   Mr perfect only exists in your dreams. You are not in high school anymore, wake up and expect difficulties. Stop running from relationships when it hits the rock, try to find ways to make things work.
  •  Keep your four features on check; your emotions, spirituality, physical look and mentality should be near stable. Learn to connect your stars with his, it’s a puzzle and it takes a long time to fit.
  • Say thank you. You might wonder for what? For nothing! Smiles in appreciation always make approving gestures towards him always.
  •  Duct tape! Sometimes it’s best if you are quiet, yes we know you re the girl but please stop nagging and be the lady ok?
  • Sing and humm. Yes do this every time. Sometimes, your off-the-key notes might set him in the mood (hopefully).
  • Go nude. From walking in his boxers on early Saturday morning to forgetting the towel in the bathroom.
  • Update your look. Change your style from time to time, don’t bore him with same same ol same.
  •  Encourage giving. Let him realize the blessings in giving to people in need. How would you get more if you don’t give out? Give out ideas, clothes, shoes, love everything!

I'm sure you're wondering what this page's about? let me help you out. It's about giving you my own opinion on any subject or pressing issue. I do not give the best judgement because I am human and can make mistakes but I believe knowing the way I feel about some things would help you see them from a different perspective. I am not a politician but that does not mean I won't talk about politics, I am single (hey guys) but I will talk about marriage and pregnancy and anything I feel like I should discuss. Please leave your comments and also criticize me (it helps)....thank you :)