I want to know how you feel,  I am young, I have pains, I face challenges, life is rough on me but I learn from it, I may not be with you but I’m sure I have a little bit of what it takes to help you.

Let me make it simple for you and i…I’m Tasha, I’m a student and an entrepreneur (so you should know where I’m coming from) I'm just an ordinary girl, a foreigner in the Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus (TRNC). I have a family I greatly miss, mom especially. I sometimes feel this great depression, I have been heartbroken countless times and over,  been let down, been pushed down, been homeless and been rebuked but I press on and fight with every strength in me knowing I will come out a winner!  Right here is the point I strip and bare it all, I hold nothing behind and give the best advice I can, please feel free to write or email me. I have a handful of experts I refer to from time to time when circumstances get beyond my knowledge. 

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                                                                                xoxo tasha