Does he ignore you on purpose? Do you always find him at the same location you are in? I think he likes you! But what if he falls out of liking you? What if after the whole transition from like to love falls out? Do you suddenly think he’s weirder than he was in the ‘liking ’start? It’s not so hard to notice guys and their different alter egos; if you don’t know then you need to buckle up girl, guys act in a 100 different ways around the girls they like, but when he loves you no more, he;      
Talk to you casually...
The way he talks to other people is the same way he talks to and treats you. He does not even treat you like his girl anymore, he calls you by the same pet name he calls his neighbors daughter, he becomes too busy to call, too occupied to reply text messages, too fagged to realize it’s your anniversary (oh cos he’s got a lot on his mind).  This is plain enough. If he has interest in talking to you, it’s pretty much a given, he’s not Interested.

        Finds it hard to show emotions.

          But he was free with emotions when you started, he tells you when he can't t sleep, how your texts lifts up his spirit, even when he sees  kim kard he lets you know she’s curvy but your straight shape means the world to him. (Why the sudden lockup man?) it gets worse when he shows no remorse for wrong things, when its hard to apologize, when you got to make the calls now cos business isn’t going fine for him, if you cry blood and all you get it a pat on your back? Girl, pul_ease>>>move on!

Avoids you and picks on you.

          He suddenly ignores you, hates the things you do, he doesn’t show this immediately anyway but eventually it comes out! He first starts to avoid eye contact with you, you begin to do everything wrong in his judgments, he constantly nags and blames you (even for his loss of appetite…hahaha). From avoiding your eyes he finds his courage, he totally disrespects and lets you down in front of everyone, he looks coolly into your soul with a deep penetrating gaze and says things unimaginable to you, he makes you realize just how he’s been managing with you, how much you deserve him. How lucky you are to have him in your life (oh so heartless!)
i advice you sister, 
 stop trying to get him to give you answers!

            I’m not a kill your joy (I would never do that) i'm glad when i see everyone around me happy, but when you are at the receiving end of love gone sour, I advice you bail out cos really sometimes its not worth trying or dying for, he’s a jerk . Do not get blinded, I repeat don't let your emotions blind you, its clear enough to see you don’t rock his world anymore. There’s a lot to do with your life and time, boundaries to break, challenges to conquer stop crying over spilled milk, it’s not working don't push too hard, get out and get your life working!   



10/22/2012 04:53:59 pm

eye opener......if all these sign are there, its time to walk.....wish i could have seen this sooner....

11/19/2012 04:07:08 am

very true


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