All my life, I would either want to be like "this girl' or "that girl" cos i liked her style or the way she talks. I lived in that stupid fantasy until i was 19, i dropped the tomboy-me (at least over 60%) stopped hanging out with boys and decided to move closer to more girls. It was the most difficult time of my life, great God girls are crazy! They pretend too much, they are nasty, they hate, they are rude, dirty and so unpredictable. You must be saying in your head "but she's a girl?" oh yes i am, i'm not gonna deny that fact at all, i would never have my sex changed, i don't ever want to be a man.
   Like i was telling you, I realized from my teen years, the difference between being a male and a female. Rational and emotional. I have managed to master both and as tough as i seem i break down at the slightest touch. Something happened recently in my faculty, it's been happening for a while anyway but if i say it didn't get to me then I would be the greatest liar on earth. Some group of girls decided to label me "an enemy". That's the craziest thing! Jesus why hate someone you don't even talk to, you are young, you should be productive. I walked by and they started laughing, it is the most insane thing i have ever experienced in the university for crying out loud. I rushed to the toilet, checked my makeup, checked my back if i was stained, checked my shoes and found nothing wrong. I went back to the corridor, stood in front of them looked straight in their eyes and realized immediately there was a fierce competition of "intimidation", but why i asked myself...good lord why?

I'm not going to describe any of them, i've taught myself never to hate, I'm only bothered for the sake of other girls. You don't dress better than them, you don't even score up to half of their grades, your parents aren't even known in the society yet you come acting all "top-class" with weaves and phones, i wanna ask "who the hell do you think you are fooling?" I opened this blog just because i noticed this silly attitude amongst some set of girls and ever since i did I have been amazed at the number of girls that send me mails, complaining about "this girl" or "that girl", how this girl makes her feel so depressed and how that girl borrows her stuffs, poses with them and never return them.
    It's been sad than hilarious, I wish i could laugh to these mails but i cannot, Why are you so selfish and so materialistic? Why don't you want to work and think for yourself? Why do you hate another girl? ...I have so many questions i think this should be a PART 1.
                            I'M TOO ANGRY TO CONTINUE GUYS....I'M SO SORRY :(

4/10/2013 01:22:21 am

love love the outfit.. cdnt v rocked it berra baby

4/15/2013 12:52:11 am

Thanks mariam hun, can't wait to see you dear.

4/10/2013 04:57:07 am

this is so lovely dear, well actually, I do feel the way to back then but I realized deep within me that 'People grow up'

4/15/2013 12:52:53 am

sekinat, you are such a darling sis, i hope your exams where good?

4/13/2013 01:04:55 am

Haha I laughed when you had to rush into the bathroom to check your make-up. But jokes aside, this is so true. Remember what I told you happened to me last semester? I've just learnt to ignore people and be myself. If you want to be friend with me, fine, if not, I am good with my loved ones. After all, I am perfectly made by God.
It is only people with low self-esteem would need validation from other people or feel bad when others make fun of them.

4/13/2013 01:06:16 am

Ackk I meant if you want to be **friends**

4/15/2013 12:53:45 am

hahaha, girl i totally remember it all. seriously people need to grow up. I hope you are alright hun?


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