You need this ladies!

  •   Mr perfect only exists in your dreams. You are not in high school anymore, wake up and expect difficulties. Stop running from relationships when it hits the rock, try to find ways to make things work.
  •  Keep your four features on check; your emotions, spirituality, physical look and mentality should be near stable. Learn to connect your stars with his, it’s a puzzle and it takes a long time to fit.
  • Say thank you. You might wonder for what? For nothing! Smiles in appreciation always make approving gestures towards him always.
  •  Duct tape! Sometimes it’s best if you are quiet, yes we know you re the girl but please stop nagging and be the lady ok?
  • Sing and humm. Yes do this every time. Sometimes, your off-the-key notes might set him in the mood (hopefully).
  • Go nude. From walking in his boxers on early Saturday morning to forgetting the towel in the bathroom.
  • Update your look. Change your style from time to time, don’t bore him with same same ol same.
  •  Encourage giving. Let him realize the blessings in giving to people in need. How would you get more if you don’t give out? Give out ideas, clothes, shoes, love everything!

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