Well according to my research on ''sextitude'', i think i can say something about how men react before during and after sex, a little bit fron experience. Hey stop! i'm not that type of girl (lol) i mean I've interviewed women and googled about it too. I hope this helps you understand a little more about men and their attitude toward sex 
 Research on women and perception proves that women are nearly a hundred percent sure when it comes to discerning how guys think and act but they can still be somewhat clueless about certain things.  women kind of have an idea about those things,  in fact they know but they always leave it in the subconscious and act like it’s not true or happening (they pray it never happens, even when they know it’s inevitable).  Lets’ me go straight to the point.

A man thinks about sex more often than even he realizes. If he is forced to confront or admit this, he will become incommunicative and will tend to shut down. The truth is you probably are not the only one on his list because according to facts: you must know that

Sex is food to him, It’s almost more important to him than sleep!  He fights you, treats you to lovely things and gets you the world just to have sex with you.  

Men think about having sex with every (well almost) woman they meet, When a man meets a woman, he begins to fantasize about different things, the more attractive she is the longer and more vivid the fantasy, it’s in his nature when he can’t help but think about what sex with her would look like, it happens all the time from meeting your girlfriend to meeting your cousin. These thoughts are kept in the secret because he does not take them serious and should never admit to them (except he’s a psychopath).  They all look at attractive women. They all fantasize about having sex with other women. Even the "nice guys" do this. Once you understand that their doing so isn't a threat to your relationship, you will be much happier.

… Sex is a job that men enjoy and strive to succeed at, While you wondering if he’s going to stay or if he’s truthful, he’s probably thinking about a next time (if you please him or if he’s a silly perv) or how to get it over with (if he doesn't like you or if his ego overrides his need!) sex to every man is a serious business, to some it means satisfying themselves but you might be with the lucky ones that see it as their duty to please you too. While men enjoy sex, they also consider it their duty to please a woman, and if they don't succeed in doing so they consider it an unsuccessful encounter.

Immediately after sex, a physiological reaction cause men to become emotionally detached from their partner; they get tired, fall asleep, and don't want to cuddle. It’s a simple thing never to be taken personal.  It's just a chemical reaction and is unrelated to his attraction to you.

 Remember That It's OK to Say No to Sex

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