"Hey hun, how about we go out tonight as a couple?" I asked
"you mean you and i?" he asked in reply
"must you Nigerians, answer a question with another question?" i countered. He smiled, held my hands and said "you win, I'd go out with you only if you leave your phones at home ok? and before i could even reply he said again "now hun, that is a request"
"ok" i innocently replied with a grin at the corner of my cheek. "I need to get dressed".
"baby i said no phones" he frowned slightly
"but Ify, it's just a picture of my dress, i love it..." still in my innocent charade, "can't i snap my cloth again ni?"
"ok o, e don do, snap dress make we comot for house abeg" i could sense a hint of frustration in his voice, he hates it when we argue, but it was obvious he was making an effort to win.
"You know this blogging business is a serious one o" I continued, with a smile on my face
"hmm, baby do. abeg make we dey go biko" now my luck's been pushed too far.
...and in one expert move, i hide my phones in my purse. No camera my natural fair behind :)
We sat down in the front seat, at dj Java's open mic night. Watching our friends sing off key at the top of their lungs. I could not hold it any longer so i tapped him calmly. "honey, don't freak out ok?"
his eyes wide open he said "ok?" 
"can you take a picture of me? now?"
"what?...you! come on tasha!"
" you promised not to freak out son" he sighed. shook his head and planted a kiss on my forehead, "after this we gon grab a pizza ok?"
I gave him the phone and smiled like a winner :)
at zizi pizza
i changed my mind and decided to binge on salad, fries and rice...
oh beer!!! best part of the night.
Dress: FIGA clothing
purse: *borrowed* (thank you cherly)  
shoe: H&M
Earing: pyramid earring (local store)
Bracelets: Hermes