ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH    I wish alarms would shut the heck up all over the world! It's not like it's responsible for my being alive! (rolling my eye) I personally think my alarm is the most annoying, it goes off every half an hour from the time it sets off  (whatever that means). I woke up feeling numb and sore all over my body, that's like the worst feeling ever. My legs were heavier than a log of wood. I had to do something about it, I prayed, bathed and gave my wardrobe a thorough search for colours to make me glow and warm. I found my orange dress shirt, a white flowery tank top, blue denim pant, choosing a bag was not not difficult, it was almost like my orange bag grew a pair of legs and walked up to me.   and yep yep my black and gold detailed pointed flats :)
 The numbness began to fade as my eye caught the different colours i had lined up to be adorned, by the time i stepped out of the shower it was as if the warm (well nearly hot water) healed the aching sore i early felt. With my MARY KAY makeup (i'm a mary kay lover) i was good to go!

The evil numbness came back again as soon as i stepped off the school but, trust me i dealt with it with food! I had pomegranate tea and hot bagel sprinkled with sesame seed and filled with local cheese. My friend came to the rescue by noon and we had Poundo yam at one of the African restaurants on campus. 
cheese bagel sprinkled with sesame seed and pomegranate tea, with vivident extra fresh minty gum
poundo yam and egusi soup
oh so sweet 
 I recently texturized my hair, don't get me wrong i love the dread-ness, kinky-ness and nappy-ness of my hair but it is so hard to maintain here. Their girls have natural long hair (like europeans should, that brings me to the question; are North Cypriots europeans?) they hardly visit beauty shops, they say its too expensive, of course in a way they are right. Some beauty shops here are ridiculously too costly (i'm trying not to curse here so enjoy the grammar)
Where was I? ok, I texturized just my roots for less than 30minutes to get the texture i wanted and installed my weave and curled it (yea, i make my own hair thank you). I kinda felt inspired (by i don't know what) to infuse Africa into whatever the OOTD would be, and my handmade messenger purse came to the rescue, the legging has been abandoned for a long time (so i said; "get up lazy gurl, its time to werk!!!) for my makeup i used natural nude colours on my eye and cherry cheek glaze as my lipgloss I also bullied my housemate into buying the sweater, (I actually made   
her buy it because i knew i would borrow it someday hahaha). Above all my purple pointed boot and charm made me look "oh so sweet" .

PS: As usual i forgot to take a closeup picture of my purse, pardon me blogging is harder than i thought and OOTD means Outfit Of The Day.


SWEATER : local market (Made in Turkey)
PURSE : Handmade woven from nigeria 
LEGGING : cant remember but from nigeria too
BOOT: made in Turkey :)


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