I'm ashamed to say this, I'm ashamed to admit I gave up on everything I ever want to become. I'm the type that would stick with you and help you "get yo faith on" but hey my turn...I failed!
I took a look back and started to doubt the future, I couldn't see ahead and the past looked better. this is the end I told myself, let death just come, it's better than shame, oh Lord I was so blinded in self pity (foolish me)
   I picked up my phone and started to scroll aimlessly, I stared hard at my pictures, tears rolled down my eyes...Lord did I come this.far to fail?
   I don't wanna sound religious but I heard God, for the first time I did. I heard him through you. I heard him when I got constant emails from everyone that cared to know why I didn't blog anymore.
   I heard him when my dad told me "Dami you are destined to be at the top." when mom just called out of random to pray for me, when my bf called me his mentor. when my lecturer took his time to visit my blog. I heard God when you nagged constantly on facebook asking for a new post, no doubt he spoke to me through you all.
I wanna thank everyone, I just wanna say I'm grateful and honoured to be your friend. The biggest thank you goes to this phone, the laptop failed finally but my buddy you've proved yourself a worthy friend haha :)
...it's obvious I've found my spontaneity and oh yea I'll blog till thy kingdom come!!!
Today I'm wearing a chiffon top, its got no button in front but just two long strings, the sun was blazing as usual so I just threw it in my bra. I call it my blouse of many colours and yep my momma bought it for me :)
The pant is a stretch pant in oxblood colour, breath-able and hallelujah it fits my blouse.
   The sandal is an oldie from my years of globetrotting Lagos (lol) it's a croc-skin sandal in faded white.
TOP:  notations
PANT: end green
PURSE: mango
5/31/2013 02:52:51 am

oluwadamilolami.......... oluwa yio wa pelu e lojokojo.... it is well dierieeeee.

5/31/2013 03:25:24 am

amin, thank you so much hun

5/31/2013 03:03:18 am

...keep up the inventiveness, Dearie! +1fan# :)

5/31/2013 07:53:15 pm

Thanks bimpe. #loveya

6/4/2013 06:09:49 pm

you write awesome things, keep it up dear

6/4/2013 06:14:06 pm

nothing should ever bring you down, you are so close to your greatness darling. don't stop what you do ok?


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