Me and My cup of tea
It's so cold outside, I'm wondering if Spring should feel like this. It's the second time I would experience this season (as we only have sunshine, rain and harmattan in Nigeria) Last year happened so fast but i can remember sunshine or maybe i'm just imagining things. I rush to the bathroom to get a warm bath and i still do not feel as warm as i want, my inside is frozen like the north pole and my head bangs like John Bonham is beating on it. Believe me i neither went clubbing nor tasted alcohol last night :)
  A  cup of tea is all my stomach screams for, i pray not to become a tea-holic  but right now i think i should just go right ahead and make one cup. I recently tried SAGE tea at the school cafeteria and i realize i've been missing. Oh my God! the aroma is so soothing and it leaves a refreshing after taste, it also helps proper bowel movement (from personal experience.) It can be mistaken for ginger because they have similar aroma. 
  On the "to-be-warm" mission i set my pot on the stove and poured 2 mug of water and then added 2 teaspoonful of sugar to it, before it started boiling i decided to cook a tea bag of rosehip tea in the sweet water. I always boil my sugar and water when i make my tea (cos that's how mom taught me to) she said and i quote "sugar is better cooked than raw."
As soon as my sweet-rosehip tea starts boiling, I take it down from the stove and pour over a mug of Sage tea bag. Flavours clashing!!!! I feel warm already, i'm almost transfixed. Looking at my cup, seeing the redness of rosehip and inhaling the penetrating aroma of sage is a warm haven. I creep back on my bed and take a sip almost scalding my tongue, hmmm oh well what more can i say? 

                      it's time to blog.

PS: Herbs are good for your health, you should eat them when you get the opportunity. Drink them as tea, buy cosmetic products that contain herbs and if you are on a strict diet and weight loss program, let herbs be your friend. At the same time please be cautious, if you have no idea about any herb you come across make sure you get good information before you ingest  herbs can be very dangerous when not used properly.  The tea i made is best prepared with honey as it is a healthy natural sweetener.
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i was here...kisses

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Always here baby...


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