"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."
 I saw this quote and just could not get my mind off it so i decided to do something rather than just lazy about or be in some party (tomorrow is monday, lectures start from 8:30am and runs through the whole day, i need to save some energy). 
 Someone had to be the wonderful client or victim because i was determined to paint a face, take a picture and dig in with photoshop. when it comes to editing pictures, i'm the last person you should think of. Thanks to instagram i can play around with a few filters, Well my room mate came in handy, she turned out to be a client afterall (and believe me she loved it) one big mistake i forgot to take a picture of her without makeup, ok maybe i lied, lets just say i did that on purpose *smiles* i only want to show you guys pictures i edited right?
 PS; ignore my mention about painting faces, all i'm saying is i'm  giving someone a make over so just incase you expect to see a masquerade sorry i got none :)
@her royal flyness
2/24/2013 02:32:03 am

Itz lovely dearie. Kip it up gurl..........

@her royal cuteness
2/24/2013 03:02:37 am

aaawwww sugga, you have got talent.......I love

3/2/2013 02:04:16 am

creativity.....Dis cool dear keep it up (The blog and the pics)....Lots of love.....


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