Hey darlings, it's been two weeks or more since i blogged. Em ok let me tell you why....hehehe nothing :) i have no reason except that my laptop has been acting up on me (yea, i hate her now. silly thing) and momma promised to send me a little camera and she hasn't (time to blame the parents) and finally i've been having a nasty kinda brain freeze! I remember waking up on thursday friday afternoon and telling my bf "baby i slept and woke up and my brain is still freezing!!!" you should see him laugh at me (silly boy). 
  The only friend i have now is my phone (oh come here you pretty munckin) yea, she's been there for me and i promised not to let her down, so i grabbed my stupid laptop with faith and hey i'm blogging!!!!
I'm just gonna post pictures of a few styles i recently adopted, from polka dots to afrocentric inspired, cos i wanted to be all pattern-ey and Nigerian at the same time. Most of the pictures were taken in a rush, thanks to my boo CYNTHIA "ain serq". I think i should employ her, that girl has skills in photography, she probably would handle my first professional camera. (heyy! sis you got a job now Lmao). Alright dearies let get straight to business, enjoy the pictures and let me know if you like em...

1. polka dots and shimmery

polka dots and shine
this is what you do when you have no "pose clue"
if i was super human i would lift cars!!
Here is a black and white polka dot lycra tube top (yea it's not a skirt lol) with a shimmery gold camisole. I paired it with a red and black polka dot silk scarf, a slingback wedge and a faded denim shirt.

2. Afrocentric  neon jumpsuit

the flat behind! ha.....
The photographer said; "look beyond the horizon" and i did....
Well i always drink water from straws, i'll tell you why soon :)
Here is a jumpsuit i paired with a white tanktop and bronze peeptoe wedge. what i like about the sandal is the slingback style. I also love the neon nail polish i purchased at a drugstore, and to complete the look i used my african wooden bracelets, a green backpack and a neon green pyramid earring. This is probably one of my favourite jumpsuit not because i designed it myself but because of the vibrancy in its colour.

3. African tunic

These oranges are sexy and juicy!!!
I designed this tunic too. It's very simple and chic. The fabric has its own details so the only thing i did was just make a small v-neck cut at the neck. I was feeling heavy and i just wanted to be simple so i wore a flip-flop and flung a backpack behind me. No one said flipflops are just for bathrooms and beaches :)

The only thing i got here is the denim shirt, green backpack and the nail lacquer. The cloth and sandal was bought or designed in Nigeria. Great right? Don't forget to comment below and like my page on facebook, folllow me on instagram and on twitter. 

5/4/2013 12:37:05 am

Beyond beautiful.

5/4/2013 03:03:36 pm

Awwwwww! Momma, u always look good!!! And ur fashion sense is cray mehn! U gotta love it! :*

5/4/2013 08:35:26 pm

Its tasha na! My very own ...hmmm she can do anything with anything na! Like dance Alingo with blues:D.... You're Amazing! Just keep it going. I love your style.

5/6/2013 05:29:19 am

I love the third outfit :)

5/6/2013 10:44:11 am

thank you so much darling


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