Hey darlings, it's been two weeks or more since i blogged. Em ok let me tell you why....hehehe nothing :) i have no reason except that my laptop has been acting up on me (yea, i hate her now. silly thing) and momma promised to send me a little camera and she hasn't (time to blame the parents) and finally i've been having a nasty kinda brain freeze! I remember waking up on thursday friday afternoon and telling my bf "baby i slept and woke up and my brain is still freezing!!!" you should see him laugh at me (silly boy). 
  The only friend i have now is my phone (oh come here you pretty munckin) yea, she's been there for me and i promised not to let her down, so i grabbed my stupid laptop with faith and hey i'm blogging!!!!
I'm just gonna post pictures of a few styles i recently adopted, from polka dots to afrocentric inspired, cos i wanted to be all pattern-ey and Nigerian at the same time. Most of the pictures were taken in a rush, thanks to my boo CYNTHIA "ain serq". I think i should employ her, that girl has skills in photography, she probably would handle my first professional camera. (heyy! sis you got a job now Lmao). Alright dearies let get straight to business, enjoy the pictures and let me know if you like em...

1. polka dots and shimmery

polka dots and shine
this is what you do when you have no "pose clue"
if i was super human i would lift cars!!
Here is a black and white polka dot lycra tube top (yea it's not a skirt lol) with a shimmery gold camisole. I paired it with a red and black polka dot silk scarf, a slingback wedge and a faded denim shirt.

2. Afrocentric  neon jumpsuit

the flat behind! ha.....
The photographer said; "look beyond the horizon" and i did....
Well i always drink water from straws, i'll tell you why soon :)
Here is a jumpsuit i paired with a white tanktop and bronze peeptoe wedge. what i like about the sandal is the slingback style. I also love the neon nail polish i purchased at a drugstore, and to complete the look i used my african wooden bracelets, a green backpack and a neon green pyramid earring. This is probably one of my favourite jumpsuit not because i designed it myself but because of the vibrancy in its colour.

3. African tunic

These oranges are sexy and juicy!!!
I designed this tunic too. It's very simple and chic. The fabric has its own details so the only thing i did was just make a small v-neck cut at the neck. I was feeling heavy and i just wanted to be simple so i wore a flip-flop and flung a backpack behind me. No one said flipflops are just for bathrooms and beaches :)

The only thing i got here is the denim shirt, green backpack and the nail lacquer. The cloth and sandal was bought or designed in Nigeria. Great right? Don't forget to comment below and like my page on facebook, folllow me on instagram and on twitter. 

"Hey hun, how about we go out tonight as a couple?" I asked
"you mean you and i?" he asked in reply
"must you Nigerians, answer a question with another question?" i countered. He smiled, held my hands and said "you win, I'd go out with you only if you leave your phones at home ok? and before i could even reply he said again "now hun, that is a request"
"ok" i innocently replied with a grin at the corner of my cheek. "I need to get dressed".
"baby i said no phones" he frowned slightly
"but Ify, it's just a picture of my dress, i love it..." still in my innocent charade, "can't i snap my cloth again ni?"
"ok o, e don do, snap dress make we comot for house abeg" i could sense a hint of frustration in his voice, he hates it when we argue, but it was obvious he was making an effort to win.
"You know this blogging business is a serious one o" I continued, with a smile on my face
"hmm, baby do. abeg make we dey go biko" now my luck's been pushed too far.
...and in one expert move, i hide my phones in my purse. No camera my natural fair behind :)
We sat down in the front seat, at dj Java's open mic night. Watching our friends sing off key at the top of their lungs. I could not hold it any longer so i tapped him calmly. "honey, don't freak out ok?"
his eyes wide open he said "ok?" 
"can you take a picture of me? now?"
"what?...you! come on tasha!"
" you promised not to freak out son" he sighed. shook his head and planted a kiss on my forehead, "after this we gon grab a pizza ok?"
I gave him the phone and smiled like a winner :)
at zizi pizza
i changed my mind and decided to binge on salad, fries and rice...
oh beer!!! best part of the night.
Dress: FIGA clothing
purse: *borrowed* (thank you cherly)  
shoe: H&M
Earing: pyramid earring (local store)
Bracelets: Hermes
Me and My cup of tea
It's so cold outside, I'm wondering if Spring should feel like this. It's the second time I would experience this season (as we only have sunshine, rain and harmattan in Nigeria) Last year happened so fast but i can remember sunshine or maybe i'm just imagining things. I rush to the bathroom to get a warm bath and i still do not feel as warm as i want, my inside is frozen like the north pole and my head bangs like John Bonham is beating on it. Believe me i neither went clubbing nor tasted alcohol last night :)
  A  cup of tea is all my stomach screams for, i pray not to become a tea-holic  but right now i think i should just go right ahead and make one cup. I recently tried SAGE tea at the school cafeteria and i realize i've been missing. Oh my God! the aroma is so soothing and it leaves a refreshing after taste, it also helps proper bowel movement (from personal experience.) It can be mistaken for ginger because they have similar aroma. 
  On the "to-be-warm" mission i set my pot on the stove and poured 2 mug of water and then added 2 teaspoonful of sugar to it, before it started boiling i decided to cook a tea bag of rosehip tea in the sweet water. I always boil my sugar and water when i make my tea (cos that's how mom taught me to) she said and i quote "sugar is better cooked than raw."
As soon as my sweet-rosehip tea starts boiling, I take it down from the stove and pour over a mug of Sage tea bag. Flavours clashing!!!! I feel warm already, i'm almost transfixed. Looking at my cup, seeing the redness of rosehip and inhaling the penetrating aroma of sage is a warm haven. I creep back on my bed and take a sip almost scalding my tongue, hmmm oh well what more can i say? 

                      it's time to blog.

PS: Herbs are good for your health, you should eat them when you get the opportunity. Drink them as tea, buy cosmetic products that contain herbs and if you are on a strict diet and weight loss program, let herbs be your friend. At the same time please be cautious, if you have no idea about any herb you come across make sure you get good information before you ingest  herbs can be very dangerous when not used properly.  The tea i made is best prepared with honey as it is a healthy natural sweetener.
I've had this unusual fever for about a week, its been hard dealing with it. Taking my medication, eating, waking up early to school, smiling all through the day and acting like everything was under control...HARD!!!

 On Friday, I couldn't take it anymore, thank God i had no lectures (even if i had, believe me i won't even move an inch) I slept all day and had enough time to reflect on my life. Recently I've been dealing with a lot of negativity around me, yeah fake friends. People that take from you and never give back... LEECHES. I made a decision never to please anyone, and also do what is right as much as i can.

  Today, with my hair swept back in a low pony, i pushed myself. Tired as i was, i said my prayers on my bed and took a two and half hour Jog/Walk with slimz (my bf ) and It turned out to be fun! (he skated while i tried to catch up with him, call it team work) when I realised we were getting so close to the boarder that leads to south Cyprus, so we headed back home.  I came back, refreshed, better, stronger and lighter, especially when everyone along   Larnaca road had their eyes on me. 

our wardrobe: shoes: MINE(beilaida) HIS (Rollerblade) socks: BOTH (nike) shorts: MINE (topshop) His (adidas) sweat shirt: MINE (topshop) His (turkish brand).

PS: all pictures by slimz, (he did good for an amateur yea?) lol, anyway have a great weekend, love love and don't stop loving.

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."
 I saw this quote and just could not get my mind off it so i decided to do something rather than just lazy about or be in some party (tomorrow is monday, lectures start from 8:30am and runs through the whole day, i need to save some energy). 
 Someone had to be the wonderful client or victim because i was determined to paint a face, take a picture and dig in with photoshop. when it comes to editing pictures, i'm the last person you should think of. Thanks to instagram i can play around with a few filters, Well my room mate came in handy, she turned out to be a client afterall (and believe me she loved it) one big mistake i forgot to take a picture of her without makeup, ok maybe i lied, lets just say i did that on purpose *smiles* i only want to show you guys pictures i edited right?
 PS; ignore my mention about painting faces, all i'm saying is i'm  giving someone a make over so just incase you expect to see a masquerade sorry i got none :)