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Alright let me break the news; I cut my hair :) i'm 100% sure you are not surprised, you must have seen one of my pictures from instagram or facebook. Well if you haven't that's the news!

    I stumbled on an old passport photograph of mine (darn i can't find it, would've shown you) it's actually my first passport and i think mom or dad took me to the studio to get it. Funny thing is i looked exactly the way i look now in it, if the picture was coloured you would've seen my red hair. Mom once told me that when she gave birth to my twin sis and I she was scared to touch us because she thought we were little albinos, our hair was the reddest brown and our eyeballs kept rolling.

   Recently I posted a picture on my instagram and someone suggested that i should dress like a tom-boy since i have a short hair, I kinda liked the proposal (lol) decided to do it because he said it in the nicest way ever (If you live in this part of the world you'll understand how rude some guys are). I took a long look at my purple boot and ideas rushed in.
    I paired this chiffon baby blue shirt with an indigo tote. What i like about this shirt is that it is see through which is good for summer and the blue fades into white from top to bottom of the shirt. The tote on the other hand is my favourite to-go bag, the golden buckle in front of it reminds me of my school bag in primary school.
   Today was stressful, a team of reporters and camera crew came from aljazeera tv station. At first it was exciting but later when we had to retake a scene like one million times the initial fun i had disappeared. Anyway i met new people made new friends, a little bit of networking (trust me) and yea a fab lunch by the pool side at the EMU beach club.
   Since i chose purple today, i matched my purple boot with a simple white demin and a purple pearl i never ever used. I think i need to snap out of that habit, i'm such a hoarder i buy things and then keep them, thank God for blogging. Sometimes i go through my stuffs and i almost call the red cross to make a mighty donation (which i will do very soon anyway)
    The sun almost discouraged me, i thought i my feet would roast in this boot but surprisingly i felt very comfortable (and with the in built shock absorber haha) my life was saved today through out the whole journey to and fro different places.
  Lunch was fab like i said and dear Lord i'm grateful but can you make these people stop bread production for 1hour? I think i'm sick of it and em, sorry before you answer that prayer lord, replace the chicken meat with goat meat :) #thankyoulord :)

     I just had to look for that passport photograph, now that i've found it i feel like i've achieved something haha. 
   It's 12:02am here already, sorry i gotta go catch some sleep, make sure you do the same alright? and hey before i forget;


Fatha REbelle Fleur
6/11/2013 05:01:28 pm

Who ever knew that some where in the other side of Africa, A mother would birth me a sister I'd love so immensely without even seeing her in person. But don't get to comfortable oo, I will see you, meet you and sparkles will fly. I dey kolo for u oo, Kai! u kack no be small, fine kele

6/12/2013 02:48:24 am

There is dis celebrity figure in You..i do c u in EMU;but not often....Any how..You above limit...Keep rolling it

6/19/2013 02:54:38 pm

thank you justice

6/22/2013 01:49:14 am

i like your new look Tasha. you really are not the average girl. more grace to your elboy and loving your blog always.


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