Sometimes it's hard to understand the weather here, spring didn't last a sec, summer came abruptly now it's cold again and the rain won't stop. I'm happy for the friends in my life, meeting them was almost a journey of a lifetime but they are here and i appreciate every support they give me. Cynthia aka Ain Serq aka Cynthinati my sweet brown sugar is more than a friend, she's also my personal model/photographer, i love her and i'm so jealous of her big fro.            Berker Kusku aka "mudafuka-bekerrrr" Isn't just a turkish classmate/colleague but also my personal photographer and model too. I'm particularly intrigued at the way this young man pushed me to start a blog no matter what?! He would say in his heavily accented voice "bitch you are a talented model and writer you should start no matter what!" He knows every nasty nigerian slang (shaking my head) he's such a handfull.
     We call each other names, we go out to parties; friday nights, beach, house parties, get drunk, say nasty things, copy each others assignments and projects, fight...it's almost like we were born from one mother!!!
     Today these sweet monkeys of mine decided to disrupt my photo session but it's all good, i love em and cannot wait to get my daily dose of cheek kiss from berker and squeeze ain's little black ass :)

Today i'm wearing a white blazer on a black-white checked shirt, i chose the blazer because i wasn't sure of the weather. Plus i wanted to be a little formal with my denim shorts. When the sun came out the blazer went off when it started raining it came back on...NO LOSS!!!
My buddies on the other hand decided to wear tees, Cynthia is wearing a superman white tee and Berker is wearing an Adidas shirt. The espadrille on  Cynthia's feet is really cute and I love the all black Berker chose, i'm sure the jacket kept him warm all day. They both look like high school (over grown) kids to me.
They suddenly started feeling like high class models and said they wanted to take their first STREET FASHION pic... who am i to say no?
Have you ever been photobombed? Behind me is the sweetheart (mr stupid berker) doing what he knows how to do best.
Before i forget, I had the most delicious breakfast! Cypriot meat balls (kofte) steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrot, irish potato) Rice (pilav) and diced beef.
SHIRT... esprit (purchased in Nigeria)
WHITE BLAZER...aDL (turkish brand)
SHORTS... hydraulic jean (cut by me with a pair of scissors)
SANDAL...elastic strap gladiator (purchased in Nigeria)
CYNTHIA'S; (superman tee, black leggings, espadrilles (toms) and that gorgeous natural hair)

BERKER'S; (adidas tee, black skinny denim, black jacket, black sneakers (vans) and that elvis presley inspired hair cut)

berker kusku
5/14/2013 03:58:47 am

my hair cut not inspired by elvis presley lolz

5/14/2013 04:55:03 am

lmao! ok inspired by me

Awonuga Dare
5/14/2013 05:48:38 am

keep dis hope sis! promise to always check out dis link every day! and @ berker, I love that hair style. @ cynthia, nice look and keep it up! kiss kiss

Fatha REbelle Fleur
5/14/2013 04:03:07 pm

When will any1 invent the teleport booth!!!! I need to be right there sticking my tongue out and acting f*ckun goofy!!! I like everything and every body esp! SSsshhh *whispers* that Turk right there LMAO

5/14/2013 07:41:23 pm

hahaha, Fatha i'll tell on you *tongueout*


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