5am and the day is bright! One of the things I taught myself to do is appreciate sundays and mondays. Sunday is the start of the week and Monday is the start of business. Like it or not that's how it's going to be. So from now no more whimpering and groaning on both days, i plan how the rest of the week will be and so help me God i work towards achieving my goals at least 80% of them if not all.
 I had a handful of things to do so my laptop went to school with me, i prayed all day (yesterday) that it worked properly cos if it didn't i promised myself i was going to take a taxi to the beach and drown it. Well it worked better than expected and yaay it's alive! 
 My stylist today is the "bf of life" John, and (even though i pulled up my nose all the time he was ironing my top) I love it.

My laptop and I. I like any of my gadgets (phones, laptops, soundsystem etc) black. It's slick and It easy for me to jazz it up with girlie stickers.
I'm wearing a dark brown (chocolate) chiffon camisole. It's also see through but i didn't want to be too revealing so i wore a neon pink bra. I was sceptical about it at first but it worked, the neon only showed at the strap!
Chat-chat with my darling "ain serq" Cynthia is very essential. We were together on saturday night, chatted on facebook afterward but you know girls must be girls :)
I must say guys are best at choosing, This is the complete look. All the colours i would naturally dismiss and classify as "too warm for summer" especially the short; it's tweed and i would never have worn it but i'm happy i did.
Close-up on the tweed, it's also dark brown with little pleat and it settles just on the waist. The gold bangles on my wrist are gifts from mom, she got them as a gift too in 1995 can you believe that?! i remember wearing them and watch them slip off my tiny wrists, years later...THEY ARE MINE.
I paired the gold bangles with gold loop earrings which is also a beautiful gift from mom :)
CAMISOLE:  notations
TWEED SHORT: ayhan clothing (Turkey)
BANGLES: *gift*
EARRING: *gift*
BAG : *made in turkey* :)
FLATS: *cypriot local designer*

Today's been a blessing. May every monday be joyful as this for everyone. My earrings, bangles and camisole are gifts from my dear mother. It's an advantage to be the only female child (you get all). I performed a trick with my needle, weaves and thread on saturday afternoon and i'm glad everyone loves ma hair, some of my friends say i look like rihanna! (time to dance alingo) the highlight of the day was when my dear cynthia, stood beside me while everyone talked about my hair. She watched silently and completed their sentences with a verdict "THE GIRL IS A PRO" 
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5/6/2013 03:18:29 am

"Monday Morning In Lagos" I love that song by Fela Kuti. I listen to it on mondays & also use it as my ringtone on mondays. Its always a rush in Lagos & everyone looks serious, gets serious but I choose to make my monday "funday" (lol) but seriously it eases off d stress & I feel better when I get home. I love what you did with the pictures especially the one by the palm trees. The outfit is nice plus I'm trying to change my wardrobe and spice it up with some colours. Nice work sis, better days ahead. God bless

5/6/2013 03:50:11 am

wow, its my big bro in the building. I'm glad you love em. employ me as your personal stylist *winks*

5/6/2013 04:50:18 am

I'm a fan of effortless gorgeous looks...and that's exactly what u did right there...Did u really sew-in your weave yourself? Really nice

5/6/2013 10:42:59 am

Yes omolola, thank you for visiting and yep i sew my weaves in myself.

your mummy
5/6/2013 11:48:37 pm

You are really growing up, i appreciate God for your life. Keep doing what you are doing. Work hard, i love ur way of practicing ur advertising profession.God bless you for making us proud. We(me and daddy) love ur hair-do. Keep it up.


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