Skeptical as usual, i grumbled from the moment i chose to wear this dress to the time i stepped out on the street and said "well, you're out already!"  I took time to follow people's eyes, did they like it? did they not? I almost started asking everyone on the street if i looked ok!
     I can imagine walking up to a Turk and asking "sir, do i look great?" ... OK let me not imagine lol. Yep so i got one news, i don't know if it's good or bad but I'll tell you. I got a job. Now pause, take a deep breath before you start popping champagne on my behalf. My new occupation involves teaching English to young intermediates that knows close to nada of what English is and occasionally acting as a tour guide/ going to some shows and parties (i probably don't wanna be) with them.
    I took my time for days thinking if i should take it or not, well eventually i had to cos "hey who's gon pay em bills?" not that the money is a lot compared to what i thought it would be but i really had to, I went over to the international center to tell the guy in charge that i didn't wanna take this job anymore cos i decided I'll just call mom and she's gon send some money but I couldn't say a word when i got there, I saw a list of names and proposals, people wanted this same thing i was about to reject.

       So in a nutshell i took the job, well it's a bit stressful and sincerely not what i want but great for the long boring four months of summer. We sometimes take things for granted and forget that no matter what we are passing through, we are still a lot more better than some people. I am not trying to brag, despite the challenges i see in front of me, i can still boast of more than 3 square meal. If i want a shoe i can get it, clothes, a new phone or even a new laptop its just gonna cost my mom more loans and debt in the bank which will be the most irresponsible act ever.
    I want to live up to the good person people know me as, everywhere i turn everyone says "oh tasha you are a strong girl, you are beautiful and inventive" all of these words make my head swell and i swear i want it to keep coming non stop. Along with this i want more cash :) hahaha who does not?

     I'm wearing a flowy tunic, it's a gift from Miymiy my beautiful Kenyan sister and i paired it with our friendship necklace and also my vintage turquoise accessories. Now let me tell you why i grumbled at the beginning, i thought the dress made me look pregnant, like i'm in some sort of maternity dress  and that's so horrific yea? I'm too young for that hahahaha.
   This is the front view and yea i have a problem with the way my underarm looked fat. Great God i need to do something about the way i judge myself ARRGGHHHHH!!!!!
DRESS: gift from kenya
PURSE: chanel
Accessories:  Mine (soldout)


Fatha REbelle
6/4/2013 08:30:50 pm

What! I know this is so new and rare, considering my girl here fancies showing off her pins. *Fatha Shut-up!
Okay ma'am with all due respect that dress is everything but comfy and your run around errand chic. Those colors do you justice. And thank heavens John Slimz is finally making you eat.

miymiy *kenyan friend*
6/5/2013 04:53:07 pm

Looking beautiful in the dress...n nah gal you dont look pregnant...colours look nice on you...i got my friendship nakelace on to :)LOVE YOU GAL


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