I was nervous as hell, so i decided to make a "KEEP CALM" collage. For the first time in my life, i'm experiencing a crazy fit caused by exam fever. "I'm not ready for this shit" I told my bf on monday, he gave me the "no-one-is -ever-ready-for-this-shit" look in return. I must confess exams are like unwanted pregnancies, i'm too busy, I don't need it but it comes, tortures me, gives me sleepless nights and makes me smile at the end of the day (yes, that's happens when you keep your babies ladies) I wonder what I do with my time? Internet? Party? sleep? I need a new life yo!  The recent change in time also has a nasty effect on me, emm ... I sleep now and five minutes later it's sun-up :( what?! when did i go to bed?!?!?!
     Anyway I wrote my first paper today PRAD 304 (PR and Society) and yea it was smooth-as-ice, God was on my side and i found a new way of studying (sorry go find your own method, i'm not sharing). I turned my closet inside-out and had a mini dress rehearsal before I made a final decision on what to wear, that's not new it happens all the time, I always come back home tired only to meet more chores waiting for me (story of my life).
      I paired a faded neon tank top (stolen from mom of course haha) with an orange-almost brown, high waisted-(sailor button)-lycra denim and a bohemian fringed t-shirt scarf i got as a gift from a shop. It was cold when I left home this morning so i wore a brown leather jacket and yea yea Brandy came along, remember that black shoe with the gold detail?  She loves to hangout, darn i'm almost sick of her. Oh it rained ice today, the sight was awesome. I couldn't take a picture cos i was scared of getting stoned from above :)

PS; I'd love to wish every student here at E.M.U goodluck. "study hard guys, the future is ours".

shoutout to my neighbours pink front porch :)
pyramid earring, bohemia scarf, River Island neon tank top, Zara man leather jacket, high-waisted (sailor button) lycra denim.
the neighbours front porch continues #thanks
i'm trying to learn how to stare straight at the camera without squinting
meet brandy yet again
infamous brandy
jump-shot #fail LMAO
Hello citizens of Vanity County. I hope y'all doing fine. It's a another Friday and i thought it would be a splendid to share with you this fabulous idea, it might help you tonight (you never know). I recently discovered men find the female fingers interesting and get turned off when they meet a lady with dirty/bad nails. wow girls, we need to step it up, a bro don't need to walk up to us and comment about our nails before we do something about em. It is our duty as human beings to care for ourselves, we are higher animals with interesting things springing around us and the word primitive does not in anyway refer to us.
  Caring for the cuticle, is one of the easiest thing to do and cheapest, for anyone on a budget all you need are;
  1. Moisturizing soap or mild facial cleanser
  2. warm water
  3. Moisturizing cream
  4. olive oil or lemon juice (squeezed by you)
  5. Towel
  6. Your desired nail brush and polish
  7. Emery board
  8. cotton pad and nail polish remover.

  • Wipe off, oil nail polish by dipping your cotton pad in your nail polish remover and hold on nails for a few seconds to dissolve polish, then wipe away in an outward sweeping motion to keep cuticles clean.
  • Wash your hands with warm water and Moisturizing soap or with the facial cleanser.
  • Pat your nails and hands dry with the towel.
  • File nail with emery board to your desired length, avoid metal nail file because it might rip your nail off, as you file be gentle on your nail and file from outer corner of the nail toward the tip.
  • Add 2 tablespoon of lemon or olive oil or both in a bowl of warm water and soak your hand in it for 5 minutes.
  • Wipe your hands clean and give your nail a final gentle file
  • Use nail polish remover to wipe off oil and excess nail residue from your cuticle.
  • Choose the nail polish of your choice (Bright neon colours will do for tonight cos its Friday duh!) and paint pain paint. 
  •  Wait don't just paint! apply at the center of the nail with one stroke. Two more strokes on the side should do the trick. Only have enough polish on the brush for one line at a time.
  • Depending on your type of nail polish, let the first coat settle and dry a bit before you apply second coat.

to flaunt your beautiful nails when you hangout, go on dates, take pictures on fb or instagram study these pictures...



**big thank you to my sweetest  dearest Lanre, sorry i had to use your picture here, please don't sue me sir, and em ladies he is sooo single!
Let me describe her; she's a button down, sleeveless, black canvass with large rose petals painted on it, she's got a brown waist belt, she's measures well above my knee, my bf calls her Sharon, i think i love that name too. ah what?! SHE'S MY DRESS!!!
  Studying all night (for just 3 hours but it felt like forever) I woke up today (feeling grumpy as usual) in the bid to compensate myself i brought my lady out from hiding. She fitted perfectly, i whispered to myself "even if it snows today girl, you're coming out with me." She did great, everyone loved her, heads turned as she passed. She had the most sweetest aura a dress would have. I paired her with a coral Turquoise neck chain, wooden arm candies, green shambala (vetoed from my bf) and my cute red bracelet. Sharon told me she wouldn't go out unless brandy came so i had no choice but to place brandy on my feet.
I still cannot get over the sweet flow of spring breeze these cuties of mine blessed me with today, and the lovely pompadour inspired punk on my head. I love you Sharon and yes brandy i love you too.


Looking sweet, classy and business-ey in my tweed, white and brown mix.
Merry cannot describe my heart. I started multitasking recently and to my surprise it has kept me healthy both physically and mentally. Ever since i stepped foot on this island my heart has been engaged in a fierce"what to do" battle. When the idea to start a blog came i asked myself ; "what the f*** am i gonna blog about?" "who the f*** knows me?" "where the f*** should i go to...?" and "when the f*** will i start."
   Battle, constant headache, crazier than the Trojan War, and guess what it didn't stop until i told myself "i just must do this" and here i am today, slowly but surely.

    Here i decided to pair the white denim    I have been so scared of wearing with my favorite (only) tweed coat and rolled the 3/4 sleeve up loosely to my elbow. I also have a white bag to match my white pant, i got the bag last summer for mom's birthday but i cajoled her into letting me have it and now it's mine.
    Feeling neither cold nor warm and not sure what the day would bring I wore a brown almost sheer tank top and a matching snub nose ankle boot. The idea is to look as semi-formal as possible, that's what you get for having a mobile office haha. To crown it I used "Large water drop" vintage inspired accessories, you can get them and others by visiting my "SHOP HERE" page.
TWEED COAT : adL store
SHEER TANK: topshop
DENIM: Turkish Brand
SNUB NOSE BOOT: saks fifth avenue
WAISTBELT : borrowed (courtesy of "the housemate")
BAG: Dior (from mom)

ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH    I wish alarms would shut the heck up all over the world! It's not like it's responsible for my being alive! (rolling my eye) I personally think my alarm is the most annoying, it goes off every half an hour from the time it sets off  (whatever that means). I woke up feeling numb and sore all over my body, that's like the worst feeling ever. My legs were heavier than a log of wood. I had to do something about it, I prayed, bathed and gave my wardrobe a thorough search for colours to make me glow and warm. I found my orange dress shirt, a white flowery tank top, blue denim pant, choosing a bag was not not difficult, it was almost like my orange bag grew a pair of legs and walked up to me.   and yep yep my black and gold detailed pointed flats :)
 The numbness began to fade as my eye caught the different colours i had lined up to be adorned, by the time i stepped out of the shower it was as if the warm (well nearly hot water) healed the aching sore i early felt. With my MARY KAY makeup (i'm a mary kay lover) i was good to go!

The evil numbness came back again as soon as i stepped off the school but, trust me i dealt with it with food! I had pomegranate tea and hot bagel sprinkled with sesame seed and filled with local cheese. My friend came to the rescue by noon and we had Poundo yam at one of the African restaurants on campus. 
cheese bagel sprinkled with sesame seed and pomegranate tea, with vivident extra fresh minty gum
poundo yam and egusi soup
oh so sweet 
 I recently texturized my hair, don't get me wrong i love the dread-ness, kinky-ness and nappy-ness of my hair but it is so hard to maintain here. Their girls have natural long hair (like europeans should, that brings me to the question; are North Cypriots europeans?) they hardly visit beauty shops, they say its too expensive, of course in a way they are right. Some beauty shops here are ridiculously too costly (i'm trying not to curse here so enjoy the grammar)
Where was I? ok, I texturized just my roots for less than 30minutes to get the texture i wanted and installed my weave and curled it (yea, i make my own hair thank you). I kinda felt inspired (by i don't know what) to infuse Africa into whatever the OOTD would be, and my handmade messenger purse came to the rescue, the legging has been abandoned for a long time (so i said; "get up lazy gurl, its time to werk!!!) for my makeup i used natural nude colours on my eye and cherry cheek glaze as my lipgloss I also bullied my housemate into buying the sweater, (I actually made   
her buy it because i knew i would borrow it someday hahaha). Above all my purple pointed boot and charm made me look "oh so sweet" .

PS: As usual i forgot to take a closeup picture of my purse, pardon me blogging is harder than i thought and OOTD means Outfit Of The Day.


SWEATER : local market (Made in Turkey)
PURSE : Handmade woven from nigeria 
LEGGING : cant remember but from nigeria too
BOOT: made in Turkey :)