The sun is high up , darling sweep your hair back, put on the shortest of your clothes...go and conquer the world!!!
It's two days to my big bro's birthday and my brain won't stop thinking about the lovely times we shared together as kids. We were each others friends and we sometimes would not talk to the neighbourhood kids for days, he told me lots of stories (mostly lies; i realised that as i got older) we would fight, he gave me the most ass-whooping i could ever dream of. It was like this; if he came back from school angry i'd pay for it, if he was in a happy mood...OH HAPPY DAY!!!
   The greatest thing i remembered about growing up as his only sister was how he never saw me as just  the little sis that should wear dresses and skirts, he prefered to hand me his used clothes than give anyone else, it was funny, you should see me, so little in a male's clothe tryin to catch up with him. 
 So many good things to remember, it helps me stay sane here in North Cyprus. I think about the things i'd do when i see my family. Would i scream? Would I cry? *fingers crossed*
Anyway regardless of how it goes down, life goes on. I have a dream and goals to accomplish, the best i can do for myself is to continue to aim high no matter what i face. The sky is the limit.
I'm working on getting a camera, right now i use my phone but i think my friends are doing a great job taking these pictures for me, i will start giving photo credits now. This picture is taken by John (slimz) nice job hun, you're improving by the day :)
i got this plaid shirt as a gift, I also purchased the hightop on discount from a local shop at the city center.
Denim Dungarees "short"... (turkish brand)

well i wish i knew why my legs are bow-ed :) Feeling too lazy to do anything, i didn't even wear an earring, well i hope you love this post? See y'all later. muahhhhh
Looking sweet, classy and business-ey in my tweed, white and brown mix.
Merry cannot describe my heart. I started multitasking recently and to my surprise it has kept me healthy both physically and mentally. Ever since i stepped foot on this island my heart has been engaged in a fierce"what to do" battle. When the idea to start a blog came i asked myself ; "what the f*** am i gonna blog about?" "who the f*** knows me?" "where the f*** should i go to...?" and "when the f*** will i start."
   Battle, constant headache, crazier than the Trojan War, and guess what it didn't stop until i told myself "i just must do this" and here i am today, slowly but surely.

    Here i decided to pair the white denim    I have been so scared of wearing with my favorite (only) tweed coat and rolled the 3/4 sleeve up loosely to my elbow. I also have a white bag to match my white pant, i got the bag last summer for mom's birthday but i cajoled her into letting me have it and now it's mine.
    Feeling neither cold nor warm and not sure what the day would bring I wore a brown almost sheer tank top and a matching snub nose ankle boot. The idea is to look as semi-formal as possible, that's what you get for having a mobile office haha. To crown it I used "Large water drop" vintage inspired accessories, you can get them and others by visiting my "SHOP HERE" page.
TWEED COAT : adL store
SHEER TANK: topshop
DENIM: Turkish Brand
SNUB NOSE BOOT: saks fifth avenue
WAISTBELT : borrowed (courtesy of "the housemate")
BAG: Dior (from mom)