I'm ashamed to say this, I'm ashamed to admit I gave up on everything I ever want to become. I'm the type that would stick with you and help you "get yo faith on" but hey my turn...I failed!
I took a look back and started to doubt the future, I couldn't see ahead and the past looked better. this is the end I told myself, let death just come, it's better than shame, oh Lord I was so blinded in self pity (foolish me)
   I picked up my phone and started to scroll aimlessly, I stared hard at my pictures, tears rolled down my eyes...Lord did I come this.far to fail?
   I don't wanna sound religious but I heard God, for the first time I did. I heard him through you. I heard him when I got constant emails from everyone that cared to know why I didn't blog anymore.
   I heard him when my dad told me "Dami you are destined to be at the top." when mom just called out of random to pray for me, when my bf called me his mentor. when my lecturer took his time to visit my blog. I heard God when you nagged constantly on facebook asking for a new post, no doubt he spoke to me through you all.
I wanna thank everyone, I just wanna say I'm grateful and honoured to be your friend. The biggest thank you goes to this phone, the laptop failed finally but my buddy you've proved yourself a worthy friend haha :)
...it's obvious I've found my spontaneity and oh yea I'll blog till thy kingdom come!!!
Today I'm wearing a chiffon top, its got no button in front but just two long strings, the sun was blazing as usual so I just threw it in my bra. I call it my blouse of many colours and yep my momma bought it for me :)
The pant is a stretch pant in oxblood colour, breath-able and hallelujah it fits my blouse.
   The sandal is an oldie from my years of globetrotting Lagos (lol) it's a croc-skin sandal in faded white.
TOP:  notations
PANT: end green
PURSE: mango
    Sometimes it's hard to understand the weather here, spring didn't last a sec, summer came abruptly now it's cold again and the rain won't stop. I'm happy for the friends in my life, meeting them was almost a journey of a lifetime but they are here and i appreciate every support they give me. Cynthia aka Ain Serq aka Cynthinati my sweet brown sugar is more than a friend, she's also my personal model/photographer, i love her and i'm so jealous of her big fro.            Berker Kusku aka "mudafuka-bekerrrr" Isn't just a turkish classmate/colleague but also my personal photographer and model too. I'm particularly intrigued at the way this young man pushed me to start a blog no matter what?! He would say in his heavily accented voice "bitch you are a talented model and writer you should start no matter what!" He knows every nasty nigerian slang (shaking my head) he's such a handfull.
     We call each other names, we go out to parties; friday nights, beach, house parties, get drunk, say nasty things, copy each others assignments and projects, fight...it's almost like we were born from one mother!!!
     Today these sweet monkeys of mine decided to disrupt my photo session but it's all good, i love em and cannot wait to get my daily dose of cheek kiss from berker and squeeze ain's little black ass :)

Today i'm wearing a white blazer on a black-white checked shirt, i chose the blazer because i wasn't sure of the weather. Plus i wanted to be a little formal with my denim shorts. When the sun came out the blazer went off when it started raining it came back on...NO LOSS!!!
My buddies on the other hand decided to wear tees, Cynthia is wearing a superman white tee and Berker is wearing an Adidas shirt. The espadrille on  Cynthia's feet is really cute and I love the all black Berker chose, i'm sure the jacket kept him warm all day. They both look like high school (over grown) kids to me.
They suddenly started feeling like high class models and said they wanted to take their first STREET FASHION pic... who am i to say no?
Have you ever been photobombed? Behind me is the sweetheart (mr stupid berker) doing what he knows how to do best.
Before i forget, I had the most delicious breakfast! Cypriot meat balls (kofte) steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrot, irish potato) Rice (pilav) and diced beef.
SHIRT... esprit (purchased in Nigeria)
WHITE BLAZER...aDL (turkish brand)
SHORTS... hydraulic jean (cut by me with a pair of scissors)
SANDAL...elastic strap gladiator (purchased in Nigeria)
CYNTHIA'S; (superman tee, black leggings, espadrilles (toms) and that gorgeous natural hair)

BERKER'S; (adidas tee, black skinny denim, black jacket, black sneakers (vans) and that elvis presley inspired hair cut)

Alright this is a quick post, I picked a wardrobe oldie and it's 3 sizes small, this hello kitty tee must be shrinking!!!

I can't remember where i bought this tee from but i'm sure if you check ebay you will get loads of it.
I decided to make today's outfit childish, free and fun, so i paired the hello kitty tee with floral shorts. 
Busy day at school, everyone had their hands tied so i had to get home to take selfie pictures. Here's a backpack i got from a friend (aminu). It's cute and can swallow a whole room (lol). 
What I love most about my outfit is my white oxford, some people call it BROGUE. I purchased it last summer here in North cyprus. It's comfortable and is perfect for almost any style.
TEE...hello kitty
FLORAL SHORTS...local market
SHOE... oxford(brogue)

White tees with characters painted on them are fun for summer, pairing it with a floral short was sooo cool. The pink detailing in both (the tee and shorts) gave my day a wonderful theme. As i said before, you can purchase this type of tee from ebay, I bought my floral shorts from the local market but since it's trending you can get it at local stores around you. I bought the shoe from a shop here (halil hamza) 
Quick kiss...I HOPE YOU LOVE MY STYLE :)
"Where did you come from, baby
How did you know,I needed you
How did you know I needed you so badly
How did you know I'd give my heart gladly
Yesterday I was one of the lonely people
Now your lying close to me, making love to me
I believe in miracles
Where're you from, you sexy thing!"
...hot chocolate1975

I've been into shorts lately, you can't blame me actually I bet you would pull off your clothes on the street if you ever experience the kind of heat we have in North Cyprus.
Its almost like air stopped from its source today and damn we had to go up n down, printing stuffs for projects.
Anyway, that didn't stop me from having a great day. Yep I had fun, laughing, slapping my friends in the back, hugging, teasing and hiking from one faculty to another.
Today I'm wearing a white cotton shirt i bought at the local market. I paired it with a denim short i made myself (with a pair of scissors and jeans). The shirt is twice my size and also a bit transparent and has fake breast pockets.
Gold details. I totally fell in love with this shirt when i saw it because the gold buttons swept me off my feet and guess what darlings it's cheap...20TL 
On my feet today is an old time  friend of my mine. I call her "miss-peter" cos i think peter (the disciple) wore such on his feet in those days :)
My elastic gladiator sandal, chanel purse and sour skittles to ease todays stress...
For sunny days, It is essential to be as comfortable as possible. Flats are a must, especially if you will walk a lot, shorts are good too if you sweat a lot like me. Make sure you moisturize your skin this summer, most girls make mistakes by not applying their body creams because they do not want to sweat. WRONG! This the perfect time to moisturize because your skin needs rejuvenation (from being de-moisturized by the sun and harsh wind).
Pastel (like my purse) and neon colours are also good for this season, white makes you standout but make sure it is clean and neat. When you want to choose outfits with details be sure they are not too overly-done, remember the sun is blasting from the sky and you don't want to look ridiculous with too much drama.
SHIRT: miss lady *turkish designer
SHORTS: chemistry jeans (old pair i cut into shorts by myself)
FLATS: gladiator elastic sandal *purchased from Nigeria
PURSE: chanel (pastel blue) *gift from a friend
5am and the day is bright! One of the things I taught myself to do is appreciate sundays and mondays. Sunday is the start of the week and Monday is the start of business. Like it or not that's how it's going to be. So from now no more whimpering and groaning on both days, i plan how the rest of the week will be and so help me God i work towards achieving my goals at least 80% of them if not all.
 I had a handful of things to do so my laptop went to school with me, i prayed all day (yesterday) that it worked properly cos if it didn't i promised myself i was going to take a taxi to the beach and drown it. Well it worked better than expected and yaay it's alive! 
 My stylist today is the "bf of life" John, and (even though i pulled up my nose all the time he was ironing my top) I love it.

My laptop and I. I like any of my gadgets (phones, laptops, soundsystem etc) black. It's slick and It easy for me to jazz it up with girlie stickers.
I'm wearing a dark brown (chocolate) chiffon camisole. It's also see through but i didn't want to be too revealing so i wore a neon pink bra. I was sceptical about it at first but it worked, the neon only showed at the strap!
Chat-chat with my darling "ain serq" Cynthia is very essential. We were together on saturday night, chatted on facebook afterward but you know girls must be girls :)
I must say guys are best at choosing, This is the complete look. All the colours i would naturally dismiss and classify as "too warm for summer" especially the short; it's tweed and i would never have worn it but i'm happy i did.
Close-up on the tweed, it's also dark brown with little pleat and it settles just on the waist. The gold bangles on my wrist are gifts from mom, she got them as a gift too in 1995 can you believe that?! i remember wearing them and watch them slip off my tiny wrists, years later...THEY ARE MINE.
I paired the gold bangles with gold loop earrings which is also a beautiful gift from mom :)
CAMISOLE:  notations
TWEED SHORT: ayhan clothing (Turkey)
BANGLES: *gift*
EARRING: *gift*
BAG : *made in turkey* :)
FLATS: *cypriot local designer*

Today's been a blessing. May every monday be joyful as this for everyone. My earrings, bangles and camisole are gifts from my dear mother. It's an advantage to be the only female child (you get all). I performed a trick with my needle, weaves and thread on saturday afternoon and i'm glad everyone loves ma hair, some of my friends say i look like rihanna! (time to dance alingo) the highlight of the day was when my dear cynthia, stood beside me while everyone talked about my hair. She watched silently and completed their sentences with a verdict "THE GIRL IS A PRO" 
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