"No cash in ma pocket
i'm on a tight budget
what's a girl to do in a town with nothing to do

pick up my rumpled vest, and a pleather short
i got ma stunnas on
and ma hair is rough
i don't care cos i'm stuntin"
Alright that is probably the lamest rap verse ever, broke is an understatement if i try to describe my condition. I woke up late so i missed my only lecture today, in a bid to accomplish something, i looked up and realised the sun is high up in the sky, it's breezy (of cos it's spring). I have a rumpled vest, an african neckpiece, a snakeskin purse and a fake leather short (lets call it pleather for fancy' sake)
It is a perfect day to wander!!!

My feet took me to othello castle
thumbs up, to the architect of this beautiful building.
These tourists should pay for bombing my picture!!
i'm cheesy like that
what?! it's time to leave here
So, i got bored and i decided to roam outside Othello Castle. I will do a tour round all the castles in North Cyprus as soon as school vacates, so i can show you beautiful pictures of this country.
Did you know? 
That Zebra crossings are perfect spots to take lovely pictures?
All cars stop, for you as long as it's not an angry, devilish or drunk driver :)
Can you see my tribal mark?
peeptoe? yes please!
the soles of my shoe is made from raffia! cute.
TANK: Next
SHORT: Codentry(pleather) *turkish brand
SHOE: peeptoe wedge (purchased at local market here)
NECKPIECE: (purchased in Nigeria, it is made of bead and wood)
PURSE: Snakeskin African messenger purse.
Christ it feels so great to be back in school again, after midterms my body went into another crazy fit of fever, i didn't understand how bad it was until i lost my voice but thank God i'm back on my feet again.
This morning, i felt like a teenager again so i went for my first favourite colour ever BLUE. i've grown out of it and chosen green now but when i'm on my blues, my worries are history.

I paired my electric blue skinny with flowered tank top and a waterfall blazer, on my feet I wore my peep-toe (flower detailed) ballerina and my double front pocket LV tote.  As usual I wore my arm candies and rings on my wrist and fingers, on my ear is a "bar" gold earing and vintage inspired neck plates (just ordered for accessories...can't wait)
I was trying to apply lacquer to my nails on my way to school but the taxi driver didn't let me, he decided to pass through routes with bends and turns, if i wasn't a good christian i would've smeared the whole taxi seat with my blue effects *evil grin*
eww look at that nail *rme* dirty girl
vanity got me applying something on my toe
I put what i learned from mom into practice today, she was never shy to "APPLY MAKEUP IN PUBLIC" if she felt like she needed a touch up in the bus, out came her small mirror and compact powder (bad habit momma). My toe looked awful so i decided to paint paint paint, like i learned from ma. :)
My nappy hair is still up in a tight bun, i'm happy it's growing but that means I have to care for it properly. I'm still thinking of what to do with it (help me out with suggestions).
I hope you like my style today?
TANK: denim co 
SHOE: blue ballerinaARM CANDIES : http://thathypedfairy.weebly.com/shop-here.html
NECK CHAIN: local market
MY MAKEUP (mary kay)
eyeshadow...peacock blue, midnight star (shimmer) honey spice (shimmer)
cheek colour...bold berry, golden copper
brow definer... soft auburn
lips... rock'n'red lipgloss

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The sun is high up , darling sweep your hair back, put on the shortest of your clothes...go and conquer the world!!!
It's two days to my big bro's birthday and my brain won't stop thinking about the lovely times we shared together as kids. We were each others friends and we sometimes would not talk to the neighbourhood kids for days, he told me lots of stories (mostly lies; i realised that as i got older) we would fight, he gave me the most ass-whooping i could ever dream of. It was like this; if he came back from school angry i'd pay for it, if he was in a happy mood...OH HAPPY DAY!!!
   The greatest thing i remembered about growing up as his only sister was how he never saw me as just  the little sis that should wear dresses and skirts, he prefered to hand me his used clothes than give anyone else, it was funny, you should see me, so little in a male's clothe tryin to catch up with him. 
 So many good things to remember, it helps me stay sane here in North Cyprus. I think about the things i'd do when i see my family. Would i scream? Would I cry? *fingers crossed*
Anyway regardless of how it goes down, life goes on. I have a dream and goals to accomplish, the best i can do for myself is to continue to aim high no matter what i face. The sky is the limit.
I'm working on getting a camera, right now i use my phone but i think my friends are doing a great job taking these pictures for me, i will start giving photo credits now. This picture is taken by John (slimz) nice job hun, you're improving by the day :)
i got this plaid shirt as a gift, I also purchased the hightop on discount from a local shop at the city center.
Denim Dungarees "short"... codentry.com (turkish brand)

well i wish i knew why my legs are bow-ed :) Feeling too lazy to do anything, i didn't even wear an earring, well i hope you love this post? See y'all later. muahhhhh
   I was nervous as hell, so i decided to make a "KEEP CALM" collage. For the first time in my life, i'm experiencing a crazy fit caused by exam fever. "I'm not ready for this shit" I told my bf on monday, he gave me the "no-one-is -ever-ready-for-this-shit" look in return. I must confess exams are like unwanted pregnancies, i'm too busy, I don't need it but it comes, tortures me, gives me sleepless nights and makes me smile at the end of the day (yes, that's happens when you keep your babies ladies) I wonder what I do with my time? Internet? Party? sleep? I need a new life yo!  The recent change in time also has a nasty effect on me, emm ... I sleep now and five minutes later it's sun-up :( what?! when did i go to bed?!?!?!
     Anyway I wrote my first paper today PRAD 304 (PR and Society) and yea it was smooth-as-ice, God was on my side and i found a new way of studying (sorry go find your own method, i'm not sharing). I turned my closet inside-out and had a mini dress rehearsal before I made a final decision on what to wear, that's not new it happens all the time, I always come back home tired only to meet more chores waiting for me (story of my life).
      I paired a faded neon tank top (stolen from mom of course haha) with an orange-almost brown, high waisted-(sailor button)-lycra denim and a bohemian fringed t-shirt scarf i got as a gift from a shop. It was cold when I left home this morning so i wore a brown leather jacket and yea yea Brandy came along, remember that black shoe with the gold detail?  She loves to hangout, darn i'm almost sick of her. Oh it rained ice today, the sight was awesome. I couldn't take a picture cos i was scared of getting stoned from above :)

PS; I'd love to wish every student here at E.M.U goodluck. "study hard guys, the future is ours".

shoutout to my neighbours pink front porch :)
pyramid earring, bohemia scarf, River Island neon tank top, Zara man leather jacket, high-waisted (sailor button) lycra denim.
the neighbours front porch continues #thanks
i'm trying to learn how to stare straight at the camera without squinting
meet brandy yet again
infamous brandy
jump-shot #fail LMAO