Pottage? Porridge? Whatever it's called i'm down for it anytime. I call it Asaro (please don't ask, i do not know what it means.) I grew up loving this cuisine, mom usually makes it on Saturdays (because that's when everyone is ever present together) i would eat until my stomach ache.
 It is prepared with basically yam and palm-oil but as a caterers daughter i had the privilege of having a lot of spice and other condiments (as big bro would call it) added to mine. Here in North Cyprus it is almost impossible to get a piece of Yam, so i always improvise with the next best thing...POTATOES.
 Potatoes contain loads of vitamins, like Vitamins; E,C,B6, 620mg of potassium and trace amounts of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium,phosphorous, iron and zinc. We often pass it off as just being carbohydrate and therefore bad for health but the truth is we get it all wrong. When fried potatoes soak lots of oil and do more harm than good. 
 Red palm-oil on the other hand, is richly packed with more than 20 other carotene, with Vitamins: A,E and K. Reduces the hardening of blood serum cholesterol and blood clotting. It also increases vascular dilation. These effects may prevent heart attack and stroke.

 The Irish potatoes here are a bit tougher and delicious than the ones in Nigeria (well according to my teeth and taste bud) because truthfully, before now nothing would ever make me taste Irish Potatoes (-_-)  now i understand when they say "a beggar has no choice." Anyway I made this very delicious meal and i would like to share my recipe with you, if you live far from home or if you have no yam (you can thank me later)...
  • POTATO (improvised for yam). 
  • RED PALM-OIL (you can use groundnut oil,olive oil, corn oil or even margarine!!!) 
                                                                    HOW TO COOK
  1. In a sauce pan, add a little palm oil and salt  to boiling water, let it cook for 2 minutes
  2. Wash and peel potatoes and add to the boiling water (from step 1)
  3. Let it cook at medium heat till potatoes are soften
  4. With a wooden spoon marsh into the potatoes to a porridge till you are satisfied but leave a few lumps
  5. Dice your peppers, onions, gizzard.
  6. Fry mildly your diced, ingredients in olive oil, add seasoning and salt to taste
  7. First start with frying your gizzard then gradually add the bell pepper and onion last.
  8. Do not over fry, under fry, or fry in high heat.
   Serve the potato and garnish with the fried gizzard and bell pepper sauce (on top or beside the potato porridge)

                                                                      BON APPETITE :)
3/4/2013 10:26:15 pm

This is a beautiful post Tasha. I'm going to try this new recipe. Much love.

3/6/2013 03:22:54 am

thank you so much, i'm glad you love it.

3/22/2016 04:18:54 pm

Choi , me sef I'm far from home oh n my hubby asked for asaro dat I should use irish potato but I was so skeptical about it cos ve never heard of it . Reading dis jes gave me life n I pray it works jes as fine as instructed. God bless u for dis


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