When it comes to money dad is my  favorite partner, unlike mom he'd watch me spend and whenever i go broke he'll give me the "i told you" look, mom on the other hand... (well you know mothers)
I look back on those days of piggy banks and feel a great urge to go get one, sincerely i need it (i'm going to china bazaar right after i post this!!!) Well it's my dads birthday today and i feel so blessed and happy to be the daughter of the best man on earth, i love you so much daddy and here is one of your letters (see? i don't delete em...lol)

 solid foundation to a successful living
A school of thought says you can’t know everything about everything, therefore whatever you read here is simply a tip in the ice berg; based on my understanding at this point in time.

Information is king and information rules the wealth of this world but savings is a good foundation to build up the wealth. When you are not informed you will be deformed.

What is savings?

In the nineteenth century savings is to regularly set apart a fraction of the harvest that will be planted in the next planting season. It is the saved--seed a farmer set apart now that will allow for continuous farming

Savings today is the culture to regularly set aside a certain percentage of all profits, increase and earnings to an account fixed for the future.

 The above definitions are the foundation to all riches (individual and nations).

When you save, you can fall back on the savings as insurance for the tough time in the future. Saving is the foundation in wealth generation. Savings is the first step to climb to the ladder of successful living. Anyone can save; it is only a matter of discipline, commitment, re positioning your priorities. What is successful living?

Successful living is the progressive realization of a predetermined worthwhile goal.


Savings must be planned.  Every purpose, every goal is achieved by wise planning. It is said that ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. Good thinking and planning takes away unnecessary worries. A plan will get you to the top; getting to the top is a task, but maintaining that position is the biggest task. This is where the knowledge of savings is unique as the key to unlock the door to riches with peace of mind and work at it with all diligence.

Take a look around you see individuals and nations that got broke and borrowed, you will notice that when the going was good, when the individuals were in good jobs, trades with resources that got them riches, they all went about spending, they cared less about savings or investing part of the savings. The end result is austerity measures.

You do not build up knowledge when you face challenges and trials. Plans to save must have been a part of you before you embark on any journey. You will seek, read, eat, and build on the knowledge of savings to become an integral part of your person within and without. Why am I this confident? Because challenges cannot stand knowledge, poverty cannot stand persistent savings; it cannot stand when  committed to saving because you will have an insurance to fall back on to cushion the effect and set you back on track . Darkness cannot stand light. When you acquire light to save on continuous bases, you will understand how Joseph took care of the abundance of seven years and successfully manage the famine (when money failed in Egypt) for another seven years. It was the culture of savings and wise investment that helped Joseph.

When you desire money then you must be hunger and thirst for it, which will lead you to the right knowledge to acquire. There is no free meal in Freetown. When the student is ready, the teacher will surface. When you corner riches, the solution to poverty is continuous savings.

There are two sides to everything concerning MONEY in life:

·         POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.

Equally two choices are opened to you:

·         FAILURE and SUCCESS


Failure is always available.


Very simple – just sit or stand & do nothing. You don’t need to worry about information; you don’t worry about reading or browsing the internet. You don’t bother about paying to acquire knowledge and skill. You will not worry to take any risk. Anyone who acknowledges failure as a way won’t do what you are doing. Reading this is a proof that you interested to seek information on savings.

When you choose to be successful, be prepared for challenges; because while failure is available to anybody who choose to, success usually seems to be far away or rather success seems to be far away, it has to be pursued and acquired with action. It’s like toasting a lady to marry, she will just make herself difficult to get. When you ask for a positive answer, she pretends to be shy telling you she’ll have to think about it; she starts dodging and you start chasing and toasting, not giving up – that is the way to corner riches and acquire the savings culture to avoid poverty. Winning the lady of your choice starts from your mind. You start speaking aloud to yourself “I must get her” “she’s mine already” and so on. Friends you must use the same method telling yourself “I must save and save”

Am I communicating effectively?

Saving is the foundation in wealth generation; Joseph used savings in Egypt and was celebrated. You will further understand that savings caters more for the future which is more important to you than who you are or where you are now. Joseph took care of the abundance of seven years and successfully manages the famine (when money failed in Egypt) for another seven years. It was savings and wise investment that saw Joseph through.

The lesson to learn here is that you cannot create wealth without savings. It is not how much money you make as profit or earn that is the issue, it is how much you can save and how to use the savings that must be uppermost. It is what you save that will save you in the time of need. In the world of the multibillionaires it is not how much you earn but how much you able to save and invest that counts. Earning without saving will lead a man to poverty and disgrace; there will be nothing to fall back on in emergencies.

In my first definition of savings in the nineteenth century, even now a wise farmer will not consume all the harvest. He will keep a small part for planting in the next season and use some as a contingency/emergency to act as a bridge to keep the farm running even if it is on the slow lane rather than grind to a halt, due to unforeseen events such as draught, flood, hash weather etc.

The man who eats all and failed to save a part for tomorrow is referred to as a fool by the word of God. A bad saving habit will tomorrow necessitate the question:

What have I done with all those huge money I made?                     

Today money is the yardstick of most transactions. Wisdom dictates that a certain percentage of the money earned should be saved (e.g.10%) for a start.  Some who are highly paid do end up not saving because they felt the cash flow would not stop. How wrong they were?

What is clear is that everyone needs a backup fund of some sort. It is never too late to start or boost the existing ones. Though interest on savings is low, borrowing could be more expensive

Savings should be treated separately, even if you are forced to spend from your savings, you should treat it as a loan that must be repaid soonest. Savings is the hearts of personal financial planning to control your day-to-day spending that will enable you to achieve what will bring you satisfaction and enjoyment.

The enemy of savings is spending free attitude and credit. What you cannot afford now you don’t need. Be wise and be a good manager of your situations. It is better to pay up front, pay in full and collect your goods at a later date without debt. 

The fear of losing savings is a factor some have used negatively to avoid the culture. The simple solution is knowledge to save where it is safe. A nation must safe a fraction in the country and a large percentage in a foreign reserve, never in one country but in two or three other regions of the world where the economy is stable and must employ experts to monitor the savings for a safe transfer to safer regions if money failure is envisaged.
Fear of the unknown will make you unknown. It is better to risk, try a great thing and fall than try nothing at all. Realize the truth that challenges/problems are opportunities in disguise. Every problem has a gift in its hand for you.  You only fail when you refuse to step out to take that risk because of fear. No challenge can stop a mind that is made up.

Develop a mind that will neither resist opportunities nor rehearse impossibilities.

Procrastination to start saving is fear in disguise. A kite will rise against the wind and not with the wind. With a strong string and a good controller a kite will rise higher and higher against the wind. The more you save the more your savings is multiplied.

Into every world rain will fall, there will be night fall and the days will break. Some will experience winter, hot climate, snow, earthquakes, and storm; then there will come cool wind and sunshine. Whatever the climate/weather is, human beings will continue to exist, have challenges, conquer and succeed.

Since challenges/problems are parts of living, it is wise to seek the right key to excel and succeed. Savings is the key to a successful living

What are the traits of fear?

Fear will freeze your faith and cripple your creativity; it will relegate you to the status of a non-achiever. It has conquered many who would have been conquerors. Fear has subdued many stars from shinning. It has shattered many dreams and destroyed destinies. It has rendered useless men of great vision. How? Because ‘fear’ will always ask you the question - what if it doesn't work? Fear will designate you a captive, unable to think and do things without seeking the approval of others. It will deny you the opportunity to experiment with new ideas. What to do?  Rise up, confront that thing you fear and the fear will flee. Seek the right key to excel and succeed. Tell fear he has lost because no matter how bad the situation, it is not the worst – Why? -  Because you are alive and there is one unique thing for the living, that thing is called hope. Savings gives you hope.  Savings prepares you to face any economic battle. Everyone calls himself/herself a conqueror - to conquer you must win a war.

Sow & reap & save

Result has no friend or enemy; it simply responds to the one who knows what to do and does it effectively


      The world is moving fast that the man who says it cannot be done. is generally interrupted and overtaking by the man doing it.

      The Keys to success is an open secret, you can only discover it if you are a reader, read between the lines then put it to work.

      When you want to live the life of your dreams, it's important that you make a firm decision to give up all the excuses, blaming and complaining because this is all extreme negative energy that is weakening you and preventing you from reaching your goals. Decide today to stop all this sort of negative activity and that includes not spending your valuable time with complainers, blamers and excuse makers, too.  Rather, get on with your most important job - creating the life of your dreams.

      Cultivate internal happiness from within, if it is to fool the world so be it. It is just a matter of time before your victory comes to the open for the world to see.

      The key here is that you absolutely must "believe" that savings is achievable.


What is religion?

The typical dictionary definition of religion refers to a belief in, or the worship of, a god or gods  or the service and worship of God or the supernatural

The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with faith or belief. Faith and believe are both side of the same coin but religion differs has a social aspect. Many religions have organized behaviors, a definition of what qualifies you to be a member, the congregations, services, meetings for the purpose of worship to God, pattern of prayers in holy places with scriptures.

In Africa the practice of religion includes commemoration of the activities of a god with pattern out speeches known as incantations with sacrifices, dances, trance, initiations, meditations sacrifices and festivals or the other aspect of the native culture. These have influenced the way an African practice of
Christianity is different from a British who does not beat the drums and dance during worship.

However, there are examples of religions for which some or many of these aspects of structure, belief, or practices are absent.

There are numerous definitions of religion and only a few are stated here. However, many writers and scholars have noted that this basic 'belief in god' definition fails to capture the diversity of religious thought and experience, the belief in spiritual beings exists in all known societies.


Destiny or fate is a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to existence. Destiny was just a manifestation of the Will to Live, which can be at the same time living fate and choice of overrunning the fate.


Although the words are used interchangeably in many cases, fate and destiny can be distinguished. Traditional usage defines fate as a power or agency that predetermines and orders the course of events. Fate defines events as ordered or "inevitable" and unavoidable Destiny is used with regard to the finality of events as they have worked themselves out; and that same sense of Destination, projected into the future to become the flow of events as they will work themselves out. In other words, fate relates to events of the future and present of an individual and in cases in literature unalterable, whereas destiny relates to the
probable future. Fate implies no choice, but with destiny the entity is participating in achieving an outcome that is directly related to itself. Participation happens willfully. It is a matter of choice.

Another question that must be answered is: Who are mine? Who are you? Who am I meant to be? Why am I behaving this way? Good questions? Why am I a man? Why am I a woman? When these questions are answered you would have answered the topic of this discussion. 


 Who you are transcends your physical and intellectual entity. You have no choice to how you are created (male or female) or where you are born. However your upbringing from birth, your environment, the kind of education you acquire, influences from friends and society, your exposure to music, books, the internet etc  and in addition your faith not necessarily religion actually determines who you are.


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